The “Love is a Choice” Co-dependency Program

Letting go of unhealthy relationships, free to make new to choose love...

·        Do you feel caught in a trap of constantly trying to please everyone, and yet you still feel guilty at the end of the day?

·        Do you feel as if you and your spouse are in a never-ending battle for control and have no idea who is winning and who is losing?

·        Do you feel as if something is missing in your life?

Some people have no idea what issues or thoughts make them so desperate. Others have identified their pain, but need to learn to get through it. Though people may share common unhealthy behaviors and feelings of hopelessness, each person has been through a set of unique experiences that have led to these problems.

Do you identify with some of the following co-dependent behaviors?


  1. I can’t stand to be alone
  2. I am a perfectionist
  3. I am driven by the approval of others
  4. I feel desperate when I cannot gain the approval of others
  5. I find myself making decisions based on how they will affect other people and rarely consider myself
  6. Many times I feel obsessed for total order in my life
  7. I put my work first, above anything else
  8. I find myself adjusting to my spouse’s needs rather than communicating my own feelings
  9. I do not experience anger
  10. I overeat often
  11. I am constantly wondering what other people think of me
  12. I cover up my feelings so others won’t be able to see what I really think
  13. I am constantly trying to figure out how to stay ahead in my relationships
  14. I cover up my feelings of self-doubt with drugs or alcohol use
  15. I cannot say no when I am asked to serve on a committee or do a favor
  16. When I begin to feel sad or angry I go shopping, work harder or eat
  17. I tell myself it shouldn't’t hurt so much when others let me down
  18. I need to control those close to me
  19. I need everyone to be happy with me so that I can feel good about myself. If these scenarios sound familiar, then you may be co-dependent. Co-dependents rely on alcohol or drugs, money, work, food, or sexuality to make them happy – or they love someone who does!

The program helps:

·        You to step back and examine your life and then effectively deal with the co-dependency.

·        It will help you to break the cycle of co-dependency and be free to make new choices... free to choose love!


TheLove is a Choice” program is based on Biblical recovery principles. Through questions, self-tests, exercises, and journaling it provides proven interactive techniques that will help you find healing from the pain that created your co-dependency.


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